Professional Translator Teams

Our professional translators are native speakers and qualified linguists who make sure that your translations are accurately translated, conveying the correct message in the desired tone. Each of our professional translators specializes in a chosen language translation service field. Trusted Translations, Inc. has teams to handle translations of any type and style.

Trusted Translations prides itself on selecting the best professional translators, always working in their own mother tongue or applicable target language, and with expertise in the subject area of the original content. The translation is edited by a second native professional translator to assure the accuracy and quality of your translation.

Trusted Translations not only uses native/fluent professional translators, but also assigns each project to an industry-specific expert translator to ensure the highest degree of accuracy. Furthermore, each translation is proofread by an industry-specific expert to ensure the quality of each translation.

Our translation services include editing and proofreading by independent experts at no additional charge. We also offer proofreading services for translations completed by another source.

Expert Translator Teams:

Our expert translator teams are highly educated, have years of experience and are certified by independent qualified institutions such as the American Translators Association. All of our professional translators have been fully screened through the verification of credentials, a review of sample translations and extensive reference checks. In addition, each resource is carefully monitored and evaluated on an on-going basis to ensure that the level of quality is maintained on every translation project.

No matter the type of content your translations have, we have a team of professional translators with the relevant knowledge and experience in the field. This includes expertise in the following areas: financial, IT, sales, marketing, media, legal, travel, software, consumer, business, telecom, recruitment, technical, fashion, PR, medical, governmental and insurance.

We can quickly build teams to support major projects requiring fast turnaround times. Our Project Managers are skilled in both project planning and quality control. Our teams of professional translators are specialized in high volume and complex translations.

Trusted Translators

All Trusted Translations professional translators are bound by commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreements. Trusted Translations takes confidentiality and security issues very seriously. All translations remain strictly confidential. Our translators are sensitive to the nature of this industry and fully respect attorney-client and attorney work-product privileges.

All translators have access to translation glossaries, dictionaries and industry specific terminology tools, ensuring that your translation is both accurate and consistent across even the largest projects.

Our translation services include language translations of all types of documents, in all formats, all lengths and in all languages. We also provide a wide range of value-added translation services that are tailored to meet your specific needs.