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The language services industry—and language itself—is constantly evolving, and professional linguists who continue learning and training throughout their careers will always have the edge. Let us share some of what we've learned



Memsource is a computer-assisted translation (C.A.T.) tool that enables our linguists to work more efficiently, more accurately, and with greater consistency than as unaided translators. Our ongoing series of training videos helps bring newcomers up to speed and is also a handy resource for experienced users who want to learn more about Memsource and increase their productivity

📄 How to Use Memsource

📄 How to Add Terms to a Term Base

📄 Concordance Search Guide

📺 How to use Memsource Editor's CAT Pane

📺 How to use Memsource Editor's QA Pane

📺 Introduction to Memsource Webinar (JUL-2021)

📺 Webinar Introducción a Memsource para recursos [Spanish] (JUL-2021)

📺 Concordance Search in Memsource

📺 Proofreading PDFs with Notes



📄 Trusted Translations - Plunet User Manual


Bureau Works

📺 Trusted Translations Introduction to BWX

📄 BWX - Manual


Other Training Material

📄 Style Guide - English - Spanish US

📄 Fast Post Editing Guidelines


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📄 Our Frequently Asked Questions Document


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